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Nothing is Over-We are only the begining-Statment (Trans. from Greek)

Panos | 12.12.2008 10:46

After a stormy assembly in a stormy weather and with spirits electrified from the buzz of the last days,we, comrades from the western suburbs, came up with the following text-declaration. The universality of the internet and the global interest gave us the audacity to make this statement Universal!

We find ourselves in the sixth to seventh day of the revolt and we sense that it ALL starts now. The events not only seem to not be defusing but on the contrary, they seem to be escalated non stop.
Who are behind the revolt?
Whose actions, deeds and movements keep and grow its flame?
The anarchists ?
The students ?
The immigrants ?
The unemployed and the humiliated?
The youths from the rich Northern and Southern suburbs?
The gypsies?
The hooligans?
The workers?
To all of them and many more belong the actions that shape the unstoppable lava that was awaken when the unthinkable murder of Alexis that shook all of Greece took place on Saturday night
All of us together with our differences we write history and we shake the whole planet. This revolt, not only will not stop but is intended to spread across Europe and the whole world. In this framework, we can comprehend the panic of the State. But nothing can forgive or justify or make bearable the incredible, unmatched orgy of violence that it continuously sets off. How much rather when this violence is not recorded or when it is unbearably distorted from the media. Our comrades have suffered unjustified beatings, pupils are beaten mercilessly, fascists make use of their weapons, secret cops act out of control, immigrants have their lives threatened but for the media there is only burned shops and "criminal" looting. Unlucky for them what is left is old aged housewives and the rest of little scared men like the finished fascist followers. Our rage for all them has no limit and from now on they should be careful. The rebellion turns the impossible to possible.It is the dream that wakes up when the never ending nightmare before ends. Because comrades, what we lived in the Western suburbs, Athens, the whole world, was a nightmare. In an ugly city to spit every day on our misery,to kill our imagination, to be scared of our neighbor, to remain helpless in our incapability being bombarded by made up advertisements that make us believe that we are worth for what we have and not who we are.
Alexis, we are ashamed of you because it took your blood us to wake us up from the nightmare and live the dream of life. But if we are ashamed of you, the others should be fearing you with a fear that paralyzes their guts. First of all the cops that dress up like revolting people to abduct pupils and take them to the dungeons of central offices. NO MERCY FOR THEM.THEY CAN'T HIDE FROM US. Their punishment is coming and no State can save them. You are the ones that spread the worst catastrophism,the vile deafeatism, the insane fear and all that just to save your skin. You will not save it. But it is not only you that do all the above. ALL the parliamentary parties live in distress and are dying to diffuse the revolt. The lower-middle class people that cannot think of their life without their little shop. Dehydrated existences that only live for their money income, they also have their fears of existence. They don't have to fear us that much. Apart from those who actively and openly help the murdering State, the rest will be left to their unbearable misery. And well done to those of them that went further than them selves and took part in the events on the right side. As much as it is suppressed, they are not few. But we wrote enough for the lower-middle class.
History is written now from other powers and those powers will strengthen their presence overwhelmingly in the next days. After six days of colossal battles,fatally TODAY is the start of the second round with new heights and landmarks to reach. TODAY at 12 o'clock at Propulaia is the rendezvous with history. The pupils that have suffered the worst kind of police brutality will be there, the students of the 2006-7 revolts will be there, the unemployed that fight against depression and humiliation will be there, the workers who lately look at their boss with a different eye will be there, the immigrants who for years know what dictatorship means will be there, we ,from the Western suburbs who for years are torn by the most ridiculous regionalisms, will be there. WE WILL ALL BE THERE.
We are accused that our rebellion is inarticulate, blind, reactive. That we don't know what want and what we don't want, yet. That we are thieves and destroyers. Well then, we know what we want and we we don't want. We don't want cops paid to terrorize teenagers. We don't want chemical war that blocks our lungs and blinds our eyes.We don't want riot police, bodyguards,pimps,parasites,bouncers,professions of violence and force. We don't want polluted air, and burned forests, concrete that kills the earth. We don't want prisons that annihilate the individual, absurd laws about cannabis, cameras that supervise life in order to protect inanimate property. In this draft of manifesto for life after the revolt we ask and shall impose
1) Liberation of the wider center of Athens from cars. City for pedestrians, bikes and children
2) Transformation of the destroyed banks to asylums for the poor,libraries and free internet points as well as coffee shops as in Amsterdam.
3) Transformation of police departments into kitchens that would offer natural food, free of charge to whoever asks and is in need of.
4) Copyleft all intellectual,informative material as well as free 1gbps internet with modern optic fibers.
5) Stop the use of oil and natural gas and replace them with high tech solar energy beehives and other completely recyclable energy sources.
6) Assaults to all the covered from the police whore houses and release of the forced prostitutes. Positive recognition of the feminine sexuality as a right that will be practiced by choice. no mercy to rapists and pedophiles. no humiliation to those who enjoy their sexuality in different way provided that they do not do it by using force
7)Assaults in prisons and release of everyone unless they have been proven to be related with crimes of pederasty,rape,racism and white slavery.
8)Priority to children and their needs for play, love, tenderness and joy
9)Free infrastructure; educational and medicinal with simultaneous restriction of arbitrariness and power of those working there. Responsible,open,friendly relationships between doctor-patient and pupil-teacher.
10) Free transportation and encouragement of the use of bikes in the city, while expanding trains across the country

These are roughly what we want and will achieve. Maybe some others equally essential are absent but those mentioned are not a few nor negligible. We know that our movement not only has acquired world interest but it has taken to inspire a global revolt. As we drew upon the 10 rough points of "what we want" it was under serious consideration. At the same time when the tear gases of power according to many sources are going down in numbers we declare our solidarity to the Palestinians that loose their Alexis' every day and we condemn the Israeli government that is prepared to send new loads of tear gas to the Greek government. However we are not antisemitic and we accept the solidarity of any Israeli who wants to give it and has not had his hands blooded from from the Alexis' of the Palestinians, we accept him with the same joy as everyone. It is fatal in the era of internet this rebellion to shine across the globe. To shout out loud that the blood of a 15 year old cannot be exchanged with all the money in the world. To show the value and the meaning of life over money and stock markets and banks now that the monetary system is crashing. To reveal that the State is cruel and murderous.To reveal the void and distorted emptiness of an unlivable life.Comrades of the world, pass the message and follow us. We, from the Western suburbs, will be on the streets of Athens today, to light the flame of the revolution and no storm can stop us.



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