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French Government Responds to Virtual Sit-In

borderlands Hacklab | 22.03.2006 01:27 | French CPE uprising 2006 | Social Struggles | Technology | Workers' Movements

The virtual sit-in in solidarity with French students, youth and workers opposed to the CPE has effectively taken the street protests through the walls of the French government buildings and deep into the operations of the French government itself. This morning, an email containing this text was mailed to Sysadmins at the b.a.n.g. lab at UCSD, where the borderlands Hacklab is hosted...

"This page contains several automatically reloading frames which overload some servers here. Could you please remove this page as soon as possible?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thanks in advance,

The CERTA Team."

CERTA is the Centre d'Expertise Gouvernemental de
Réponse et de Traitement des Attaques informatiques - roughly, the Center for Governmental Expertise in Responding to Information Attacks, much like CERT, the computer emergency response team here in the US.

You can read the exchange that followed at rdom's blog: - [overload some servers here - French CSIRT Response to VR Sit-In | ]

In addition, the French government responded by removing or renaming some of the files being pulled by the sit-in page from their site. The files removed were from the government CPE page. So briefly, the CPE could be considered to have been virtually revoked. Ironically, the graphic file in question contained the phrase "La Bataille pour L'emploi", which roughly means the Battle for Employment.

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