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Changing the action against G8

We who see the free future | 08.06.2007 14:53 | G8 Germany 2007 | Globalisation | World

Thursday 7th of June saw a series of solidarity protests and actions around the planet to protest the unjust and unsustainable actions of the illigitamite and unwanted body that call themselves the G8. Remember, we are everywhere, thats where our power is. Our world is not for sale, its time to think local, act global while also thinking global while acting local. Time to change the way we play this game.....

Some actions were small, some large, some with only a minimal of impact. While others, in particular Sao Paulo in Brazil, where 140 000 took to the streets and tried to free priosoners, ended with serious property damage, police repression and torture in police custody. Others acted with the setting up of infopoints for live transmission of g8-tv and imc-radio direct to their local communities in attempt to build local resistance that might lead to further action for the G8. This year, you could say, there was only a handful of global actions, but what if this trend were to grow....making it evermore difficult to maintain the present hold of the G8.

June 7th, day of global action against G8 : international actions

anti g8 actions from around the planet.

--------------------Indy-Fundamentalism: Its Root Causes

--------------------Brasil -
Sao Paulo
[G8-Brasil] Sao Paulo protest report
[G8-Brasil] Torture at the jail in SP
Mais de cem ativistas anti-G8 são presos em São Paulo (images)
Protesto Anti G8 São Paulo
Fotos da repressão no protesto anti-G8 na avenida Paulista
[SP] [G8] Protesto de punks termina em confronto com a PM na avenida Paulista

Porto Alegre
[Porto Alegre - G8] Manifestantes se reunem contra as multinacionais e o G8

Porto Against the G8

--------------------Costa Rica
Anti-G8 Aktion auch in Costa Rica

Día de acción global contra el G 8 en Ecuador

Anti-G8 Solidemo in Wien

Dänemark: "Smash G8– Fight capitalism and imperialism!"
G8 Protest in Copenhagen

--------------------Catalunya / Spain
Barcelona: manifestación contra g8

sabotage action against the g8, amsterdam

G8 solidarity speakout at GPO

Porto Ahainst the G8

Soli-Demo in Bremen am Mi., 06.06.07
Protest in Wiesbaden
G8-Demo in Reutlingen
Heiligendamm in Köln
G8-Soli-Demo auch in Oldenburg
Anti-Kapitalismus Demonstration in Oldenburg.
Demo gegen G8 und Polizeigewalt in Darmstadt
Anti-G8 Demo in Darmstadt
Blockade zu den G8 - Protesten in Plauen
spontane aktion gegen g8 in detmold
Spontandemo in Leipzig

--------------------G8 Heiligendamm
Pics + Video of blockades, street rave, thurs
Postings on indymedia uk (pics and vid) from thursday 7th july:

Street Rave at East Gate G8 Blockade - thursday night
G8 West Gate Blockade, Thursday 7th
Heading for the blockade of the west gate
The blockade of the West Gate
Barricade Blockades West Gate Area - thursday
VIDEO Rush - March to Road Blockades
Barricading G8
G8 East Gate Blockade in place 24hrs and counting...
G8 West Gate Blockaded - thurs 7th june
Top 3 favourite hobbys of German riot Police
for update of vids, photos, articles see constantly upgraded link:

------------------------------------------communication space and actions

call for global infopoint network

Contre Sommet au G8 Sikasso 2007


g8 infopoint Vienna

--------------------Catalunya / Spain
Mataro Contra G8

Convergence Space Berlin

We who see the free future