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MR MAYDAY MEYHEM | 26.12.2003 15:57 | Anti-militarism | Indymedia | London | World

The Queens Speech Was Shit Once Again !!!


Here we are again, another celebration when the shops profit by increaseing their prices, if only we'd waited another day or two, we'd get all our prezzies for half the price of what they were a few days ago.
The only one's who profit are the fat cat trash who each year exploit the nation into buying over expensive toys for our children and other items for our loved ones, which are mostly made overseas where they get away with exploiting workers and pay next to nothing in wages and which by Boxing day when we have no money left in our pockets, we'd get the same stuff for half price or less and that's only if your buying.
Another year when arms traders have been allowed to show off and sell their weapons of death and destruction and just look at all the innocent people who have died or who've been maimed in order to keep the rich and powerful greedy nations of this world in profit?
Another year when the police have yet again stitched up/ fitted up protestors, especially in Greece where several people were not only fitted up by the police but beaten black and blue as well, while we had that tosser over here from America (David Blaine) in his glass box over the Thames on a forced 44 day hunger strike,(Above the Below) friends and loved ones were doing the same seeking justice against the injustice of their treatment in Thessoloniki.
Another year where the royal family have had alot of bad publicity concerning a Royal and his servants and using children with cancer to promote themselves as being nice people because they organised a party, Why don't they hand over most of their over inflated wealth so we can find ways to end cancer, than throw a little party to get more lime light for themselves (Charles & Camilla) trying to get us to believe they really care.
Another year when we have had to watch women and children killed and maimed in Iraq in order for a greedy dictator like George W Bush and his country to profit from the oil in Iraq and coming to the UK when he very much wasn't welcome.
Another year of Tony Blair and his lies and spin (So where are the weapons of mass destruction then) While elderly folk die in the winter's cold and school's and hospitals are under funded, this maniac spends our taxes on a war we are opposed to.
Another year when those twats from the Countryside Alliance have demanded we keep hunting going or else (Fuck Them!) with their little protest at Parliment Square under the banner (Families for Hunting) What a bunch of pillocks they were, but it hasn't all been bad news, Bush got a rather hostile reception when he came on his state visit, all respect must go out to the elderly ladie who scaled the gates at Buckingham Palace in protest to his visit. Surely she should be awarded woman of the year. The Fox Hunting crew got an ear bashing on Parliment Square an even one of our own who passed himself off as one of their supporters and ran amok in the square knocking over tables and insulting many from the Countryside Alliance until the forces opposed to hunting turned up in the early afternoon. What a great march that was opposed to Bush's visit, it's a shame that there are those who'll have us only march from A. to B. yet so many really made it a great protest, it has been noticed that the usual suspects quickly took off once the papers stopped selling (You know who you are.)No wonder his misses didn't see any protestors if she had she'd have died of shock, and we have had a year when far right groups like the B.N.P. have been able to spread their lies and hatred around, and lets remember this, if they didn't have Asylum Seekers to pick on, it would be the Asians or the Afro Caribbeans or anyone else who was different in their eyes, thankfully their has been lots of opposition to these parasites and lets continue this onslaught in 2004.
Due to our continued support and protests we have seen the release from prison of the Thessoloniki prisoners.
Let's face it the Queen's speech was shit on christmas day, she simply is not in touch with the people and she and her family should be dumped in an over crowded, damp, cold flat, living on benefits so they could really learn what it felt like to have little or nothing, and why is it that if a persons dog maims a child or kills another persons pet it is put to sleep yet if your the Princess Royal you get away with it and so does your dog.
In the new year i hope we continue to fight all the wrongs in this world and I'd finally like to send out my thanks to the following organisations for their continued resistance to capitalism.
Indymedia-for providing us with freedom of speech/expression.
The Mayday collective
Movement against the Monarchy
Critical Mass
Class War
All Hunt Sabs
Freedom Press
All the Fairford Protestors
The Metropolitan Police at Tower Hill 2002 (You've made "MAM"s' day)
To everyone involved in social centres
To all the squatters
To all who work at the Foundry(OLD STREET)
To every Anarchist alive massive respect for your continued opposition to authority
To all the bands/Sound Systems and DJ's who support all the above groups I think your the best thing since sliced bread.
To everyone in every Samba Band and anyone I missed out.




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