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Guantanamo Bay Demonstration Friday

Brian B | 22.11.2003 19:19 | Bush 2003

Successful demonstration against the detentions without trial or legal representation outside US embassy on Friday 21st November.

The demonstration on Friday outside the U.S. embassy against the detentions without trial at Guantanamo Bay was quite successful. I don't know how to estimate the numbers but I would say maybe a few hundred at least. There were some 'detainees' dressed in orange boiler suits kneeling on the ground to show the inhumane treatment. Protestors were confined to a small area fenced off on the side of the road opposite the entrance but to one side (not directly opposite the entrance). At one point there was not enough space in the allotted area for all the protestors. There were several demonstrators (including three Americans) speaking about the Guantanamo Bay issue, for example mentioning that the prisoners are treated worse than animals and other issues such as the occupations of Cuba and Iraq. It was also quite a vocal demonstration with some people using megaphones urging the chanting of various slogans. It was also suggested that the big golden eagle on the top of the U.S. embassy was symbolic of the predatory actions of the United States. One of the Americans pleaded with us not to send George Bush back to America! Personally I think Bush should have taken Blair back with him as well so that the Americans could have them both!

At the protest outside the US embassy there were leaflets being handed out for a symposium with the title Guantanamo: The damage the war on Terrorism is doing to Human Rights. Speakers are listed on the website. Sunday 23rd November 2.00pm - 4.30pm Friends meeting house, Euston Road, opposite Euston Station.

Brian B