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Crossing Borders- A new Transnational Newsletter Project

multi | 03.10.2006 23:48 | Transnational Day of Action Against Migration Controls | Anti-racism | Migration | Social Struggles | Birmingham | World

The first edition of Crossing Borders is now published to coincide with the October 7th Day of Action For Migrants & Refugees. At the moment 'Crossing Borders' is available in 5 different languages, though we hope to have more soon. To get the newsletter, got to
download the .pdf files from the links on the page and print them out.

"Crossing Borders" is an attempt to foster transnational communication, our aim is to consolidate and to extend the migration related networking process in, around and beyond Europe. We do not ignore the differences in realities and struggles in various regions, countries or continents. But we are convinced in the necessity to bridge and communicate these differences - crossing these borders too!.

We are committed to a process of "becoming common", not only by exchanging information and experiences, but much more by fighting against the same global apartheid- and migration regime! And by struggling for the common demands of freedom of movement and the right to stay!

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