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British Iraqi Goes On Trial for Protesting at Arms Fair

Amanda RP | 13.01.2004 18:03 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | London

Mehdi El-radhi, a British Iraqi, faces trial by jury at Snaresbrook Crown Court during the week of 9th February, 2004, for taking non-violent direct action at the DSEi Arms Fair in London in September 2003.

The Arm's Fair showcases weapons, such as cluster-bombs and Depleted Uranium amongst the multitude of displays and stalls and is supported by the British Government.

Representatives from a third of the world's governments were invited to the trade fair, including countries with documented records of human rights abuses, such as Afghanistan, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Indonesia, India and Pakistan.

Mehdi has been charged under the Malicious Damage Act for disrupting the running of the Docklands Light Railway by locking himself onto the a train carrying delegates to this tasteless event.

Mehdi has family living in Baghdad and feels that their lives have been endangered by the proliferation of weapons and the blatant buying and selling of death with countries with terrible human-rights records.

Amanda RP


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