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Berlusconi's mafia lawer resigns

Laird bairn | 04.12.2001 21:50

reports on IMC Italy are saying that Berlusconi's old buddy
Prof Avv carlo Taormina under secretary at the italian minstry of justice, or something similar, handed in his resignation to the 'capo this afternoon.

news from Italy
Genoa fans will be pleased to hear that Berlusconi's
lawyer jacked in his job this afternoon.
Taormina is well known for representing right wing thugs
including Sgr Berlusconi,the most famous being th Banda Magliana which terrorised rome in the 1980's carrying out robberies and assasinations. Taormina has made such a pratt of himself in the last few weeks that his time is up.
Berlusconi has also managed to make himself look like a complete idiot at least once a week, but unfortunately the
supposedly left of centre opposition, Democratic Sinistra(DS) have proved themselves to be even less effective than they were whilst in power, there seems to be a political vacuum between the only real left wing party the Reformed Communists (RFC) and the hard right coalition of fascists and the very slightly more moderate Nothern league.
The DS could go either way and probably will go both ways at the same time, half to the left and half to the right.
Disintergration, they have tried to model themselves on neo labour and cuddled up to TB during his holidays to Tuscany
which is the only region of Italy they control at present.
Rumour has it that a new socialist party completely based on neo labour is in the offing . lucky old Italy ..


Laird bairn
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