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Shimmy Shammy | 11.07.2005 02:16 | Analysis | Free Spaces | Indymedia | London | World

Invitation to join a new group for radicals who want to debate publicly without excessive interference from inane fascistic fools. Anonymity is respected. Check out the principles and topics and then get the conversation started...

This forum is for those who want and promote radical change in favor of life and freedom. Members are thus urged not to hold back their opinions since, while silence may be useful for some activists, silence in these times may very well amount to a living death. Anonymity will be respected so that people will not be punished for using their supposed "free" speech. If you worry about remaining anonymous you might consider sending messages from a library (of course there is the "patriot act") or by using some other type of "secure" computer (although they are Orwell's memory hole). Most people invited to this group have already expressed their ideas though anyway, so... why stopnow? Flawed ideas and abrasiveness will be allowed, since this is forum for debate, but sheer fascistic idiocy will not be tolerated. You may or may not be unsubscribed without warning if you prove to be a fool despite the screening process. I will try to be excessivelytolerant as a group owner/moderator, but there will be limits. Pleasetry not to start a new topic on each and every bit of news. Theoriginal topics for debate and discussion that I've chosen for theinitial invitees are: Post-Left Anarchy Vs. The Left (Anarchy andSocialism), The Pathology of Pacifism, Genetically Engineering & Property Destruction, The Implications of Peak Oil, Did Julia "Butterfly" Hill sell out?, and What happened on 9/11/01.
I look forward to seeing some lively debate and discussion.
Yours truly,
Shimmy Shammy

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