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Royals in the Dock

QC | 02.11.2002 11:40

A well known disfunctional London Family flouts the law, again!

As The main defence witness in the case of Burrell v The Crown, Elizabeth Windsor should have taken the stand for cross-examination by the Prosecutions, as to why she chose to withhold crucial evidence right up until Paul Burrell was due to testify and spill the Royal beans. Presumably this last minute reprieve was to ensure his silence.

The Queen held a three hour private meeting with Diana’s Butler five years ago, where he allegedly informed her he was in possession of many items belonging to his late employer, the Princess of Wales. Windsor neglected to inform the police, or her husband and son of this vital information.

Windsor’s daughter Anne is due to stand trial for allowing her unrestrained and dangerous terriers to savage young children in Windsor Park. It is expected she will be banned from keeping animals and face a hefty fine. A custodial sentence at Holloway Women’s Prison is unlikely, although she is a persistent offender, previously charged with speeding and reckless driving.