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Activist Legal App now available

Dave B | 19.07.2011 18:47 | Animal Liberation | Repression

Animal Rights UK would like to introduce our legal App for Android devices.

We hope this App helps Activists across all movements keep in action and out of police stations

The App is a easy to navigate information guide designed for those times activists need quick legal advice when dealing with the police or other security forces.

The App contains information on laws that can be used against protestors as well as advice on dealing with the police and being arrested. This comes along with quick dialling access to activist friendly solicitors.

The App will make its way onto the android marketplace eventually, in the mean time you can download it here:

Dave B
- e-mail:
- Homepage:


Dont have an android phone?

19.07.2011 23:26

don't worry all the information available in the app is available here:

Dave B
mail e-mail:
- Homepage: