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42! UN DEADLOCK BREAKS? plus - pause for thought !

x leg iron | 26.10.2006 15:27 | Anti-militarism | Culture | Globalisation | London | World

. . . . AFTER 41 ROUNDS OF VOTING AT THE UN, the venezuela-versus-guatamala choice as south americas delegate for a two-year seat with the big powers is to transfer to a mutual agreement . . . .
( . . . . happy UN "birthday", plus. . . .

( also worth seeing - background, put "UN secretary" with "reform" in the scroogle box at the top of this column - 3 recent pieces, with a comment attaching to the "grauniad demo" piece.)

In a sure sign that the "rest of the world" is waking up to the distortion of the decisions that are coming from the UN recently - but chooses to do something about it rather than grumble tactfully - despite the bribes, bullying etc, the votes for the current USA administrations choice, guatamala, havent got 2/3 of the votes over venezuela.

( the coups didnt work either, but, "you aint got proof" . . . . except for the unseemly haste in a few bits of washington to celebrate the new junta when the loyal paras hadnt come out of the palace basement yet . . . . etc ).
(you didnt hear about that ? thats news priorities for you. it wasnt much of a tale, as i'm sure you see )

If a secret vote was taken to gauge the support of each of the "big powers", for them to take a seat, the worlds democratic result might cause pause for thought.

x leg iron


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  1. the other interesting newswire bit -it aint the comment with "grauniad demo" — re:other pieces(newswire)- in fact, its the comments with "dogs that didnt bark"