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DSEi gala dinner

Phil | 16.09.2005 14:22 | DSEi 2005 | Anti-militarism | London

Security breached at Dorchester Hotel during DSEi Gala dinner.

Two men dressed quite smartly arrived at the main entrance of the Dorchester Hotel where the DSEl Gala dinner was being held. They hopped out of the taxi and walked in confidently. They roamed the hotel trying to get into the dinner. There was robust security on the obvious entrances and after about an hour and a half exploring found an empty function room just above the entrance area for the gala where the sound of the band was clear. Well illuminated they opened the windows, waved and danced to the samba rhythms for about ten minutes before being quite vigorously ejected by an angry head of hotel security and his henchman. After a search by annoyed police they walked free. 4000 police, £4 million spent on policing the high security event in a city on high terrorist risk alert and two blokes sat in a pub decided and succeeded in getting in by walking through the front door.



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