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What is Blair waiting for?

Jon Harris The Peoples United Collective [] | 19.04.2007 22:41 | Analysis | Social Struggles | Terror War | Sheffield

A worrying thought from The Peoples United Collective.

'what is Blair waiting for'

Article by Jon Harris

Tony Blair continued steadfast policy to stay in office as long as he can. in it's self, is worrying

Considering he has committed three acts of treason against the British people, blatantly lied about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, instigated a war against Iraq, abused his power by allowing EU laws to be implemented in Britain instead of British laws, allowed Common Purpose to infiltrate and infect local government, our schools and our police forces. The fact his immediate removal from office is wanted by the British electorate and members of his own party, he still persists and remains in office with an absolute resolve to destroy the British way of life, and Britain's standing as a country within the world.


Is it the fact he fears prosecution over the war crimes he has committed by invading Iraq, does he fear that he will be prosecuted for these crimes as soon as he leaves office, but how could it be, a British prime minister has never been convicted of any crime, because they change the law to suit there needs the same as they did in 1998, changing the treason laws and hiding the changes within the crime and disorder act section 36.3 so the court case levied against the Queen and Blair and three former prime ministers collapsed and all were acquitted. So we feel this is not the reason he stays so determined to stay till the end of his term as prime minister.

What is the reason?

I am afraid to say I agree with a reason given to me by one of our members who has studied world events, and through careful analysis came up with this most sinister and disturbing prognosis, which will have a far reaching dramatic effect on the British way of life. Our member and myself share a worry, and after discussing this, we both feel that this is the real reason Blair will not give up his position.

We as a nation are about to face another 'world changing event' within Britain, one of such horror that the British people will be sickened to the core. One of such magnitude that it will allow Blair's corrupt government to implement even more controlling EU legislation upon us, he will stay long enough to see this enacted to pave the way for his new career within the CER organisation along side his cousin John Major [former prime minister] which he is all ready buying houses on the strength of this job.

How this 'world changing event' will manifest is not known, we can at this time only presume it will be one that will convince the majority of the deceived British public that these new legislations are needed to protect the United kingdom from what? Terrorism of course in the shape of another attack by Al Qaeda, and a more sickening reality is that it has just been reported in the main stream media that Al Qaeda are about to wave an offensive against British schools. Does this frighten you? because I know it frightens me.

We have no proof or evidence to say this will happen, but that does not mean it won't. We just have a gut feeling this is why he is prolonging his stay in office, and before you condemn us as 'conspiracy nutters' just consider this;

Why would Al Qaeda attack British subways, a bus, or schools when 90% of the British public did not want to go to war in the first place and still to this day believe the war in Iraq is not only immoral, but is illegal. This in it's self does not make sense, it has no logic. Are the terrorist really that stupid? or is that what we are being led to believe. Surely they are not that stupid, to be held responsible for orchestrating such an attack as 9/11.

Surely they would attack fuel supplies, or government targets, or military targets they have nothing to gain by attacking the British people directly, think about it.

Look at the track record of the government over the 7/7 bombing's in London. A narrative not an inquiry, inconsistencies in the evidence and the CCTV footage, even something a simple as the train they caught from Luton to London does not add up, the list goes on and on

It would have been more believable if they had blamed the Buncefield explosion on Al Qaeda rather than tube trains and a bus, because this would have been a target that makes sense and would work with the logic to disrupt a country, rather than just a city.

This is more of an observation than it is a warning, but just sit back for one minute and consider this; 'What if we are right'

To be continued....

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