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East End Adversaries

hamsters | 13.09.2005 18:29 | DSEi 2005 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-racism | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London | World

In the week preceeding the start of protests against DSEi, europes largest arms fair, 10,000 newpapers about the issue were printed and distributed.

The 8 page paper was delivered to an estimated 90% of streets in the Canning Town, Customs House and Beckton directly north of the Excel Centre in Docklands which hosts the event.

Image East End Adversaries - application/pdf 8.9M

Image of front page of DSEi paper
Image of front page of DSEi paper

You can download the paper here as a PDF. It is approx 9mb

At the time of writing, few paper copies are still available at LARC, FREEDOM, 56A, RAMPART and at the DISARM DSEi CONVERGENCE CENTRE.

If you happen to be at the convergence centre, please consider taking a bundle of papers and delivering them or handing them out during protest during DSEi. (a map of streets which have been done is on the wall above the stack of papers)



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  1. Why only locally — Albert Steptoe
  2. What conference? — thought it was a trade fair for buying and selling weapons