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exiles in Calais - hunger strike has begun

calaishungerstrike | 11.06.2014 14:59 | Indymedia | Migration

Refugees have been occupying the food distribution centre in Calais, France, for the past two weeks since the evictions of the three camps where they had been living. They have tried to negotiate with the city to be able to live in decent conditions and free from police harassment. However for over a week they have heard nothing from the authorities. Today at 10am a group of people have begun a hunger strike and released a list of their demands and motivations. Please support and spread to networks and media contacts.

As agreed, the refugees occupying the food distribution center in Calais had breakfast together this morning. They formed two groups, those who will continue to eat and those who are fasting. Those fasting had slightly larger portions. They sat in the middle of the courtyard. Yesterday, they made a list of 53 people willing to get involved. By late morning, there were more than thirty of them waiting for those who had tried to cross over to England that night to join them – something they will no longer be able to do during the fast. This afternoon, we should know more precisely how many will participate in the hunger strike.

Their spokesperson can be reached at 07 53 93 21 53 (he speaks English). Please spread widely amongst networks and to media lists!

Here is the text of the call-out on which they agreed:


After the destruction of our camps and our occupation of the food distribution center, French authorities came to meet with us two times. They told us that they would come again to speak with us on Thursday, June 3. Nobody came and we haven’t heard any news from them.

Today, Wednesday, June 11, some of us, with all of our support, will begin a hunger strike. We ask the French and British authorities to to resume the interrupted dialogue and meet with us without delay.

We remind them of our demands:

- Houses in Calais for all the migrants who wish to go to England and for asylum seekers who are forced to live in the street
- Houses with decent hygienic conditions: toilets, showers, garbage collection
- Houses where we can come and go whenever we like, in order to be able to continue trying to cross to England
- Houses protected from police controls, harassment and evictions
- Access to three meals a day
- Negotiations between France and the United Kingdom to allow people access to British territory.

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