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The abolition of Mayday (or Anarchist blindness and delusions of grandeur)

Heiko Khoo | 01.05.2004 11:39 | May Day 2004 | Anti-militarism | Social Struggles | London | World

Activists and protestors are astounded and bemused by the so called cancelling of May Day
protests by a handfull of anarchist leaders, who claim not to have had sufficient support at "their meetings" to organise the protest. They do not call on people to go to the demo of the Labour movement, "that one is run by dinosaurs". Instead they want a picnic (seriously folks only a picnic)in St James park front of her majesty's palace.

How absurd! At a time when the War in Iraq is turning into disaster,
scenes of torture by British and US soldiers are front page news,
and the US forces have lost control of major cities after carrying out
massacres. The misnamed May Day collective, probably two or three
anarchist leaders (i.e. ones who know how to use the internet and
bought a domain name) cancelled "their" demo, and in case any stragglers still want
to do something they are told, come for a picnic...
I vomit in your general direction!

Or was it "undercover police" who cancelled the demo through some members of
the "Collective?" God forbid, the police of course could not infiltrate the
cunning and clever operations of the anarchist activists.
Or is it really as mundane as we are told, no one turned up to the
organising meetings! Oh dear well then no issues to protest about are there.
Oh for a leadership that declares itself so! at least such a thing can be made
subject to scrutiny and control.

I for one who has been of May day demos long before the May Day (picnic) collective
appeared on the scene, don't think getting young kids heads cracked and encouraging kids to get themselves encircled by thousands of police is very revolutionary.
It could not have been better orchestrated if the police and Daily mail planned the
actions themselves.
How about realising that there is a labour movement, that ultimate (socialist) change will only come when we shift this to the left. So best to get involved there and yes join the demo on May Day.
The anarchist activist abandons the demo, Noam Chomsky votes for John Kerry, the Democrats, but those words sounded so radical, pass the cheese sandwiches please.
Oh thats a nice hat you've go there Giles, how about some music!

If anyone wants to organise for the future, come down to Speakers Corner and try to get people from the street by convincing them, the potential is huge.

Heiko Khoo
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