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Cardiff City Centre Closed in Anti Bush Protest

bozavine | 19.11.2003 13:38

Cardiff City Centre Closed in Anti Bush Protest

At this moment in the Main route through cardiff City Centre is closed by Anti Bush Protestors. Some of the protestors wanted to make the point that we are everywhere. "They may put 14,000 police in London, but we can still shut down city centres and stop the country" said one hooded protestor.

More news when the real protestors are back, and not some lazy arse sat a computer terminal.


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protest in bristol

19.11.2003 14:28

just to let people know, i have just come back from a small but loud protest at city college. we walked out for the lunch hour and protested on the side of the road, we will all be down for the main bristol protest 5 in the centre of town!


Cardiff says no to Bush

19.11.2003 20:37

Around 200 anti-bush campaigners demonstrated in Cardiff city centre today.groups from many organisations were present. Students from the university arrived with police escort fronted by banner which read "We realy don,t like you george". Some of them moved onto road annd traffic was soon backing up after ten minutes and wet arses the group decide to go for a walk to high street where traffic was stopped again and police reinforcements arrived to move us on,time to move on followed by boys in blue. Bacck to queen st where speechs made and demo. At 5m George Bush was put on trial despite some vebal abuse from footy fans, The Verdict was Bush is a MURDERING BASTARD and Bliar also guilty of CONSPIRACY.

Dic Penderyn

Bush and Bliar

20.11.2003 21:22

Pic Prior to Bush Trial

Dic Penderyn


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