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America's Energy Wars - A New Front - Africa

Lloyd Hart | 07.10.2007 22:59 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | World

With the U.S. military announcing this week that it is opening up what it is calling The Africa Command

Energy Corridor
Energy Corridor

America's Energy Wars - A New Front - Africa

By Lloyd Hart

With the U.S. military announcing this week that it is opening up what it is calling The Africa Command the military industrial complex in the U.S. and Europe is revealing its new front in it's latest round of the resources wars it is conducting under the guise of the War On Terror. This new front is no different than the invasion of Iraq's oil fields other than fact that the energy the U.S. is after is contained in several nations and makes up a complex energy (oil and natural gas) corridor that travels through a series of traditional ethnic territories in each of the following named nations. This far reaching energy corridor runs from Somalia through Ethiopia, southern Sudan, the Darfur region of Sudan and into Chad. Along this energy corridor are vast reserves of oil and natural gas from oil rich Chad to the natural gas rich Darfur to Sudan's largest oil reserves located in the southern region of that nation to Ethiopia's oil rich eastern region.

From what I've been able to ascertain from research and e-mail communications with sources on the ground is that the U.S. is leading a mostly military proxy based series of actions with limited direct action (in a mostly military train and air support role) under the guise of the War On Terror but clearly in the interest of securing some of Africa's largest proven and developed energy reserves.


As we have seen in recent history Ethiopia's ultra corrupt, murderous and torturing Prime Minister Meles Zenawi formed a criminal alliance with the U.S. in which eyewitnesses are saying resulted in the delivery of U.S. weaponry and direct training to and for Ethiopia's military in exchange for Ethiopia's cooperation in the invasion of Somalia using Ethiopian troops on the ground with air cover supplied by the U.S. military in the form of fighter jets and attack helicopters. The illegal Ethiopian invasion of Somalia justified by following U.S. rhetoric in the U.S. National Security Strategy of preemption, is an important beach head of this new energy front and is obviously being secured as the most likely port for the purpose of offloading the spoils of this new energy war dreamt up out of America's most twisted prick tanks, I mean think tanks, into America's preferred system of distribution, oil and Natural gas tanker ships.

Ethiopia, clearly operating as a proxy for the U.S. as the U.S. went out and provided a public relations campaign in the western media leading up to the Ethiopian of invasion of Somalia claiming that the clan militias that secured Mogadishu and were quickly defeating the rest of the U.S. backed alliance of clans in Somalia were connected to Al Qaida and sheltering Al Qaida operative's quickly installed the so-called U.S./U.N. backed Somali Government in exile (that is exile in Ethiopia) which everybody in the Western media now refers to as the government of Somalia into buildings in Mogadishu after temporarily routing the militias that actually finally brought some stability to Mogadishu after Bill Clinton peed his pants abandoning Somalia altogether.

Fierce fighting in Somali capital

More Blood for Oil


At present Ethiopia is holding what little ground it has in Somalia but at home it has opened up the Ethiopian campaign of this new energy front. Ethiopian troops are now involved in a campaign of mass genocide, ethnic cleansing and torture in the eastern region of Ethiopia from which it has cut off all supplies of food, fuel and transportation of any kind claiming that the vast region of eastern Ethiopia is swarming with Eritrean backed ethnic rebels that have taken over the region and have attacked oil rigs run by Chinese oil prospectors. This collective punishment of a very large population for the actions of what is a very little group of armed rebels looks to me to be more like a campaign to clear the entire area of the people that live off the land there and who would probably object to a massive energy corridor coming through what is land that has been inhabited by the same people for thousands of years. It is also probably designed to chase out the Chinese oil concerns who will in all likelihood be replaced by western firms in this very American style of land clearing.

Officials say Ethiopia is blocking food to rebels

Ethiopia: Crackdown in East Punishes Civilians


With the African Union reporting that the recent attack on African Union troops in Darfur killing 10 African union soldiers and wounding twenty others the African Union seems to be signaling that the gig is up in Darfur and that the African Union is no longer willing to go along not that they ever were really truly going along with the U.S. manufactured myth backed by Hollywood stars that everything that happens in Darfur is the fault of the government of Sudan and the Janajaweed militia.

After all, the war in Darfur was started by the southern rebels in 2003 with the backing of the U.S. and not by the government of Sudan nor the northern tribes who are simply defending themselves from the vicious attacks by the southern rebels that include the killing civilians, rape and the burning of villages.

The southern rebels are in fact not rebels at all but rather corrupt hired guns armed and financed by the U.S. thanks to right-wing christianist fanatics like Franklin Graham, son of right wing christianist Billy Graham who got former U.S secretary of state Colin Powel to attach the word "Genocide" to the Darfur conflict painting the southern rebels as poor Black African victims under a racist assault from the bad bad Arabs. Nothing could be further from the truth considering almost everyone in the Sudan is Black. Darfur is rich in oil and natural gas and just as the U.S. brought Libya to it's knees with sanctions as a result of false charges of terrorism the U.S is setting up the same scenario for Sudan and anybody else in the region that stands in their way.

With the divide widening between American propaganda and the actual truth in Darfur the U.S. is probably behind the now frequent attacks that the southern rebels are committing on the African Union troops stationed in Darfur in preparation and in advance of the landing of so-called U.N. peace keeping troops who are in all probability a covert hit squad designed to intimidate the region into giving up it's oil and natural gas at rock bottom prices using U.S. and European companies to extract it leaving the locals to continue to starve under the on slaught of the effects of European and American created global warming and climate change.

These rebel attacks against the African Union troops are obviously designed to intimidate the African Union into submission to U.S. authority and now with the U.S. setting up it's Africa Command it is clear that the U.S. is laying down a new hegemonic plan for total and brutal control of all of Africa's remaining resources just as America is running out of its own and especially the one resource most important to the American war machine light sweet crude oil.

It was just recently reported in many Western media outlets including the New York Times that the power sharing deal that ended a 15 year conflict between the southern rebels in the greater region of Sudan's oil rich south outside the Darfur region was beginning to unravel and that troop integration was stalled and that tensions are rising between the two garrisons of troops. It seems to me that this is no coincidence coming at exactly the same time as the southern rebels Darfur are attacking African Union troops.

Nigeria Buries Troops Killed in Darfur

Darfur Rebels Find Refuge in Eritrea, but Little Hope


Right next door the government of Chad which is on the verge of being toppled by rebel groups is claiming that it has negotiated a definitive peace deal with the main rebel groups mediated by America's latest sanction slave Libya. The fact is this former French colony has merely survived the first round of negotiations as the rebels have pointed out but in reality the rebels and the government are at the negotiating table trying to avoid another round of French colonization.

With the election of the French fascist Nicolas Sarkozy as president of France in what was probably a stolen election thanks to the last minute installation of American electronic voting machines and CIA ballot box stuffing Sarkozy has formed a neo-colonial alliance in the EU with the kinder gentler Nazi Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and the fascist British ruling class anointed and newly appointed prime minister Gordon Brown securing EU approval for the unprecedented deployment of 5000 EU troops into Chad.

And of course you do remember just how cozy Sarkozy looked this summer with the Bush crime family up at their Kennebunkport family compound.

This deployment of EU troops in Chad is obviously designed to intimidate the government of Chad as well as the rebels into accepting as Libya has the inevitability of American and European dominance and exploitation in the most draconian way of Chad's only ticket to ride its energy reserves. In other words the message the American and European fascists are sending to Chad's leaders is resistance is futile.

Chad says peace deal definitive.
Rebels say not so fast.

So with EU troops in Chad, U.N. troops coming to Darfur, U.S. Military trainers and weapons in Ethiopia, U.S. trained and backed with lethal air support Ethiopian troops in Somalia what else could possibly be happening over top of some of Africa's most abundant energy reserves other than American and European neo-colonial exploitation?

Well, ya got me. I can't think of anything else. I guess that's what happens when one studies history too much.

While everyone kvetches over what Sy Hersch is screaming out his tuches as the imminent U.S. invasion of Iran and while everyone continues to allow themselves to be completely conned by and that twit of twits Mia farrow the U.S. has already invaded it's third target in this new round of energy wars under the guise of the War On Terror. When you look at the map provided with this article it becomes very obvious that an energy corridor is being constructed through the above mentioned nations which will one day result in a massive system of pipelines starting in Chad and ending up in U.S. and European controlled tanker ships off the port of Mogadishu, Somalia.

Lloyd Hart
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