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New anti-police tactic direct from Athens: Fire extinguishers!

Chubb | 16.12.2010 00:09 | Public sector cuts | Repression | Workers' Movements

As was pointed out tonight on the excellent Occupied London blog from Greece, 'One of the most empowering elements of today’s demonstration was peoples’ sheer anger and their willingness to fight back at the police repression and to defend their right to be on the streets. New tactics, including the incredibly successful use of fire extinguishers in keeping police away from demonstrator blocks, is surely a legacy for the struggles to come'.

You can see the tactic in full effect when the cops charge the crowd - 1.24 seconds into the Russia Today video, the first video in the Occupied London post above.

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  1. protestors in south korea use flamethrower — flamethrower