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Libertarian Bloc on March 20th STW demo!!

the time is now | 09.03.2004 23:14 | Anti-militarism | London

Lib. bloc on the 20th march STW demo. Meet 12 noon, under Marble Arch, bring flags, energy and noise.


This is a call for solidarity among direct action activists/anarchists/libertarians (and all round anti-authoritarians). We are proposing we march together as a Bloc on the March 20th Stop the War Coalition demonstration.

We invite all who believe in anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian direct action to join in a show of solidarity.

“Words divide us, actions unite us.”

Let’s start taking action together, and enjoy feeling how powerful we are.

The idea to start calling libertarian blocs on demo stemmed from discussion among anarchists in London about divisions and lack of communication between anti-authoritarians in the UK.

While we don't see A-B marches (which can often be very dull and unrewarding) as activity which will actually challenge the state we think they are an important occasion to show the presence of a libertarian movement in Britain, which is often represented as disorganised and useless by the media and others.

The idea of a Libertarian Bloc is a place where anti-authoritarians can meet others like them and find strength in numbers. They are also useful for attracting newcomers who often might not come across anarchist ideas.

Direct Action

While we support direct action as the only effective method for achieving social change we do not think that the place for direct action is on heavily policed marches. Instead we see the Libertarian Bloc as a place to introduce people to the idea of direct action theoretically so we can take action another day. So feel free to bring your kids, grannies etc.!

Please bring your own flags, banners, placards, drums etc., the meeting point will be announced soon, so please check the Bloc website at

the time is now