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UKCMRI ignore letters from residents & councillors about Camden germ lab

Kings Cross tenants [Mike] | 14.02.2010 00:21 | Animal Liberation | Repression | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

Residents from Camden and Kings Cross have had letters & emails utterly ignored by the UKCMRI. Worryingly they have said that "those who signed up" at last weeks poorly advertised meeing would get the chance to oppose planning permision on reciept of a letter from UKCMRI. The UKCMRI have so far ignored all communication from residents. None of our questions have been answered.

The UKCMRI have said that they sent out 600 or so letters to the thousands of residents in Camden to advertise the "consultation" held last week by the UKCMRI.

We feel that the UKCMRI have behaved in a way that is completely unprofessional.
They have not adeaquately advertised consultations. They have not answered letters or emails. This week we witnessed the surreal sight of Sir Paul Nurse [Rockefeller Institute], Sir Leszek Borysiewicz [CEO of the MRC], John Cooper [CEOof the UKCMRI] and two people from Camden council address residents and councillors in front of a large presentation containing a picture of Peter Pan.

Residents will be holding an emergency meeting with councillors this week to discuss how to take the campaign forward.

Kings Cross tenants [Mike]


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