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Smash EDO! Peace Camp, Brighton - Action Update

Smash EDO! | 31.08.2004 18:56 | Anti-militarism | Free Spaces

Brighton-based EDO MBM are part of the massive EDO corporation who manufacture all sorts of nasty weapons. EDO MBM themselves manufacture bomb release mechanisms for F-16 and Tornado fighter-bombers for use by the UK in Iraq. They have a massive contract with the MoD and are on record as being proud to support the occupation of Iraq. Activists are staging a protest camp from the 29th August to the 2nd of September to take action and build a successful campaign against the death profiteers.

Throughout the day on Monday the 1st of September activists demonstrated outside EDO MBM, bearing pictures of bombed Iraqi kids labelled 'live test firing facility, Iraq' in reference to EDO's very own 'live test firing facility' here in Brighton. Many workers gathered round the windows to listen to the megaphoned questions posed by the activists? Did you know what EDO did when the bought out MBM (previously a civilian company)? Are new staff made aware of exactly what they are involved in? Now that they are aware, how can they continue working for the death profiteers? Activists were careful not to antagonise the local community, but made their point. Surely some staff have the morality to quit or leak some classified info?

The pressure on EDO will continue over the next few days and beyond as the campaign to evict the death dealers gains momentum . . .

Smash EDO!