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Eviction Alert - Two Mile Coppice, Weymouth.

chris b | 03.08.2004 16:03 | Ecology

Eviction Alert: Two Mile Coppice, Weymouth, Dorset. A recently established protest camp, to stop the destruction of an ecologiocally rich habitat has been served it's papers. The Eviction could happen anytime from Thursday.

The camp is trying to stop yet another attempt by the local council to destroy a ecologially sensitive site which is also a place to relax for the locals from the Littlemoor Housing estate.

Two mile coppice is rich in a variety of trees which includes Pedunculate Oak Quercus, Ash, Field Maple, Hawthorn, Hazel, Gelder Rose, and Holly. Areas under threat if this road were to be built are extensive and include the Dorset Downs, Heaths and Coast AONB and Lorton Valley SSSI (which includes ancient woodland). The claims made about the economic regeneration benefits of the road have been exaggerated and no alternatives to a road have been properly considered by Dorset County Council.

In June 1996 Weymouth Relief Road protesters set up Teddy Bear Camp in opposition to the 'brown route' of Weymouth 'relief' road. A decade later on July 12th, 2004 protesters set up camp at Two Mile Coppice in opposition to the now approved 'orange route'. Protesters at Two Mile coppice urgently need your help, please get down there if you can.

Onsite mobile: 07800760257

Directions: Two Mile Coppice is just off a roundabout where Dorchester road meets Weymouth way A354 (Weymouth), go under neath railway bridge and two mile coppice is directly facing left . Nearest railway station is Weymouth which is a brisk 15 minute walk south from Two Mile Coppice.

chris b


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