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HMP Forest Bank No Borders Demo

No Borders/No one is illegal | 03.08.2004 21:32 | Repression

A demo took place last Sunday, 1st August at HMP Forest Bank in salford in support of refugees and migrants detained there following riots at Harmondsworth Detention Centre. This was part of a national weekend of action opposing the governments racist and oppressive asylum and immigration policy.

50 people turned up this Sunday to make a noise outside HMP Forest Bank Prison. We were there to support the people moved from Harmondsworth following the death of a detainee and subsequent riots.

Using pots, pans, whistles and a samba band we tried to get the noise over the 7 metre high wall so that people inside would hear and know that we were there in solidarity. Also various people involved in campainging for refugees gave talks about the conditions inside detention centres.

This was part of a national weekend of actions for those imprisoned follwoing the riots at harmondsworth and the deaths of two people in detention. On the saturday demonstrations took place at Liverpool, Oxford and Dover. On the Sunday, along with Forest Bank, a demo took place at Dungravel removal centre.

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No Borders/No one is illegal
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