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THE COSTS OF WAR IN IRAQ — Homepage EMBEDABLE COUNTER — + 3 Important Websites!

Joseph Anderson, Berkeley, CA, USA | 15.09.2004 07:36 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | London

Now that well over 1,000 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq and well over 11,000 (high estimates are up to 18,000) maimed and seriously wounded there — American soldiers who have killed at least 20 *TIMES* that many Iraqi civilians and maimed and wounded perhaps 10's of 1,000's of Iraqi civilians — it's time to post this again. This was first posted by me, JA, July 25, 2003 (just a little over a year ago):

THE COST OF THE WAR IN IRAQ — Homepage EMBEDABLE COUNTER — + 4 Important Websites!

Check out 3 new/updated progressive websites -- and a home/webpage embedable monetary "COST OF THE WAR" counter. Good tools especially for progressives.



is TRACKING THE DEATHS, BY WHATEVER CAUSE, OF U.S. MILITARY PERSONNEL IN IRAQ, based on official Pentagon and CENTCOM press releases and Army Times and CNN casualty trackers. Their current count--as yet of this writing--is 85 since May 2.

Looking at the entire war, there was much fanfare Thursday, July 17, 2003, over the fact that the latest U.S. combat death this week pushed the official total to 148 -- finally topping the 147 figure for Gulf War I. (The U.S. mainstream/corporate media figure is now over 150.) However, according to the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count, the total number of all U.S. deaths, combat and otherwise, in Iraq is actually 224.



Another source:

Calendar of U.S. Military Dead During Iraqi War

runs a calendar of US Military dead whose most recent edition listed as
"Updated 10 September 2004. Total 1,039 US Dead"


This website is from Oakland (eastward across the bay from San Francisco), California's "Lake Merritt Neighbors Organized 4 Peace" (LMNOP), written about internationally.

There you will also find "THE COST OF THE WAR IN IRAQ" COUNTER and a way to EMBED IT IN YOUR OWN HOMEPAGE/WEBPAGE/WEBSITE. (And that's only what the U.S. is paying! -- not what Britain is paying too!)

And FANTASTIC, INSPIRING anti-war photos from around the world!


and its associated

This is the group that has STEADFASTLY and UNFLAGGINGLY had weekly, quietly dignified and eloquent, Lake Merritt Sunday Peace Walks of varying size--depending on what is going on in whatever American war--every Sunday at 3:00pm, starting at the northeast columns of the lake. Bring you own signs and/or help wave to the many passing people in cars who *still* very HEARTILY honk in support. It's a great way to get out, realize just how much great support the anti-war movement still has, get some excercise, have an enjoyable walk around the lake with, and MEET KINDRED SPIRIT PEOPLE!!



PHOTOS you probably haven't seen yet and OF INTERNATIONAL MARCHES/RALLIES/DEMOS you probably didn't know about!

Also website is chocked full of well-organized information about Peace issues in general, Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine, as well as civil liberties and anti-nuclear issues.

There's also a great chronicle--an article of record--of the "Battle of the Port of Oakland" police fiasco!


And then there's


These variously compiled composite percentages include ALL U.S. CONGRESSIONAL VOTING RECORDS--BY MEMBER (AND THEIR RATING/RANK) OR BY ISSUE--going back to January, 1991 or whenever a given member of Congress was first elected to his/her present office, whichever came later. These statistics are compiled on a broad range of issues and apply a progressive analysis to the votes cast. Search out what the rascals (and the *very* few good guys/gals) are--or have been--up to!



Joseph Anderson, Berkeley, CA, USA