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The law and truckers on the same side

PRoS II | 26.05.2008 19:34 | Climate Chaos | Ecology

The Met are as politically motivated as ever

HGV drivers will tomorrow have the Westway closed for five hours so they may have a demo against the rising fuel prices. Anyone counter demonstrating will undoubtedly see the inside of a cell for a few hours on one spurious ground or another.
Hopefully the main stream media will point out that tax rebates for these machismo goons in the death trolleys' is not the solution; investing the tax rebate they are after in railways and more goods facilities in central urban areas will not only cut fuel bills, get the roads free of the death trolleys but also reduce C02 emissions, noise pollution and save as much damage to road surfaces from these monsters.
The main stream media may also point out that vehicle tax does NOT pay for roads, it is the council tax that everyone - regardless of means of transport - pays.

big car little dick



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