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Merseyside Goes Mad For Anit-G8 Protest

sinisterpenguin | 11.05.2005 15:21 | G8 2005 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Social Struggles | Liverpool

When the G8 meets in Scotland, Merseyside will be at the forefront pf the protest. Last night (10th May) saw an excitable and positive mobalising meeting which gives promise for a really big and diverse campaign...

Last night in the Casa saw a brilliant start for the mobalising of merseside activists who are angry about the way the world is and want to get to the G8. Liverpool Socaial Forum hosted the evening where ideas were put forward to build a large and diverse group of passionate individuals to trek up to Scotland both for the Make Poverty History Rally and the full week of anit-G8 events.

It was discussed that these things would be brillint:

- A big rally in town with big speakers. Whoop whoop
- Film nights to inform, vitalise and fundraise
- an evening of entertainment with similar aims
- city centre stunts about the oppressing similarity of every city centre
- an activist meeting to spread ideas and relay experiences

Plans to beome reality at the next LSF meeting

downstairs at the Casa (hope Street) Bistro Tuesday 17th May 7.30pm