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Edinburgh Shell garage shut in solidarity with Rossport Solidarity Camp

Shell to Hell! | 27.01.2011 04:01 | Rossport Solidarity | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Social Struggles

Last night people shut down the Shell petrol station on Comiston Road, Edinburgh. This action was taken in solidarity with the people of Rossport, Mayo, Ireland, who have been struggling against Shells gas plans in their community for over a decade. The action was also taken in soldidarity with the people of the Niger Delta who are suffering under Shells brutal corporate imperialism.

The Shell garage's pumps were painted to render them unusable. The pumps were shut off and the switch d-locked making it impossible to turn them back on. One pump was painted with "Shell to Hell!" and "Out of Rossport!"

One participant said:
"The people of Rossport and Broadhaven Bay have been fighting the Shell pipeline for over a decade and have been let down by their political representatives. Only through international solidarity and direct action will we beat the corporate greed of Shell, and their disregard for peoples health and the climate."

Another added:
"These actions won't stop until Shell cancels its plans and starts taking the opinions of the people of Rossport seriously. For too long companies have been able to run riot over small communities like these, with complete disregard for the people affected."

This action was in response to the Rossport Solidarity Camp's call out for local action against Shell.

For more info:

Shell to Hell!


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