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document of shame

pseudonyms | 27.01.2011 14:17 | History | Other Press | Repression | Birmingham | Liverpool

the story of the missing kids Where do all the missing children go? This true certified documentary from the French tv station gives us an insight into the European child trade. Think the police or gardai will aid you when your child goes missing? Think again! Money corrupts.

This video explains HOW money corrupts everything. The rich can afford to buy a child, no questions asked. They have all the power and are the elite in our society. If they are caught redhanded the case is bought off, like in the case of the Dutch head of the justice department, Joris Demmink. On the site klokkenluiders online you can order this book for free, alas it is in Dutch. The newspapers wrote about this case and the Joris had 4 trials against him for raping kids but he never got convicted! There are many more of these.
The video explains why people turn off when they hear about sexual abuse of minors, how they are conditioned to do this. Officials like police play it down in the news. Statements from the officials include: These chidren volunteered, these are not French children, only foreigners, so we need not to worry about this.
The police tell parents that the photo's found are not those of their children but merely lookalikes. Parents only get a few weeks to look into the photo-file. The foreign parents, also the Irish and English, have no idea that this option exists.
On the same site you can also vieuw a short clip on 2 Irish children, who ended in the clutches of this evil trade.