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Recap-Remembering WHY we are here....

RUE | 26.01.2011 21:30 | Education | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | World

A short recap as to what its all about-a reminder of how much the tory scum are laughing at us, and why we should carry on being FU*!ING ANGRY.

On October 20th a disgusting scene took place in the House of commons;

As the chancellor George Osbourne finished his long arsed speech outlining the governments plans to make everyone pay for the economic crisis except those who caused it, tory and lib dem mps waved their papers around and cheered with joy.

They were cheering in delight that at least 500,000 jobs were to be cut, that many ordinary people of this land were to be made destitute, that the public services that millions rely on for their well being – and for some their lives – were to be destroyed…oh, and they were cheering because they could not contain their excitement knowing that there was more to come.

Squeezing and patting Osbournes arm was his fellow rich chum pm David Cameron, whose family own a fair chunk of Berkshire and is married to the horsey looking daughter of an aristocratic famiily who own most of Lincolnshire, beamed a smile of approval at his old Eton fag.

Surrounded by the other millionaires in the cabinet they gloated because in their eyes they had dealt the welfare state a mortal blow. None would have been happier that night than the city fat cats and the bonus brigade bankers who created the mess in the first place.

Camerons government had served them well, having used an international economic crisis and turning it into the perfect opportunity to destroy the welfare state so hated by the tories.

They expressed their delight, knowing fully that those to suffer most would be the poor and disadvantaged, the disabled, the weakest, the old and the young.

On their hitlist was anyone who needs or benefits from the welfare state – the safety net created by people who knew what it was like before it existed – people who had experienced the ‘five evils’ as described by its architect William Beveridge; Want. Disease. Ignorance. Squalor. Idleness.

From the moment of its inception, generations of the rich and their aspirational sycophants have longed for the opportunity to destroy it – and here they were – the heroes of their class having achieved their long awaited aim.

The media had softened up the pliable, comatose masses and the baying Express / Mail facists, bringing up stories of the workshy, of lazy public sector workers in non-jobs living in the lap of luxury off the backs of ‘real’ workers in the private sector. Miles of newsprint dedicated to spongers, parasitic university students leaching off the taxpayers who never went to university. The people had to made to understand – the rich earn every penny and the poor are undeserving idlers who must be made to suffering their own interest. Yup, the media did their bit.

With their battle cry of ‘we’re all in this together’, the rich and privileged government declared class war on millions and openly, brazenly mocked us.

Three days later we learned that in the previous year the top 1000 earners shared £7bn in bonuses, four days later we found out that the £200bn given to the banks in quantative easing to pass on to borrowers had been stashed away in their own vaults: quite blatantly, they’d pocketed our money.

Next came the news that the Greek government was to sell off some of its smaller islands for between £25m and £250m, and that there was a great deal of interest from British buyers…a vase goes on auction in London and fetches £43m, and a coke bottle used by Warhol sells for £18m at christies. The revelation(?) that the rich dodge tax to the tune of £120bn each year shows us how such obscene purchases are possible. More laughing in our faces…

Cuts in local authority spending will mean jobs will be destroyed in both the public and private sectors, support services for the elderly, mentally ill, the disabled along with the direct blows dealt to education and community projects…those left without work will be mocked and insulted by cuts to benefits, and hundreds of thousands will join the 3m already struggling to pay their mortgages and rents…..and despite this, the con dems could still not suppress their deep joy, back slapping and jubilation on 20th October 2010.

As the picture becomes clearer and more people open their eyes the realisation will be that it is now time (as the students and thousands of others have so magnificently done) to make and continue to make a stand.

The government will increase pressure on ‘activists’ by use of further undercover infiltrations and even heavier handed policing, the use of The National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit known as NETCU, and by using the media / propoganda in painting demonstrators / activists /anarchists / students / pensioners – anyone against the government oppression - as domestic terrorists – they will try all the predictable divide and conquer tacticts, and quite likely throw in a few new ones – again we must be prepared for this.

We must continue to prepare, individually, in our homes, our communities, our universities and schools, in our workplaces to fight these obscene attacks. We are all being made victims of a crisis that we did not create.

Prepare – get strong physically, mentally, in your communities ….they ordered a class war – lets not disappoint.

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