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sussex uni buy nothing day action

- | 29.11.2003 11:35

Sussex uni buy nothing day action

Sussex university students face a challenge today on campus for buy nothing day.

Some time in the wee small hours of saturday morning, a few miscreant students from sussex uni set out to disable as many of the banking facilities on campus as possible. The three banks on campus had plastic supermarket loyalty cards superglued into their external cash machines and the locks on their doors superglued shut. This was coupled with some prop to explain to would be cash getters that doday was buy nothing day, a day to reevaluate their relationship with money, and maybe just for one day experiment with living for free, via stealing, skipping, borrowing, mending lending etc.

Unfortunately this morning when the students handywork was assesed, university officialls had taken it upon themselves to remove the fly posted propoganda where possible or deface it if not; also they had managed to open the doors to the two internal cash machines at one of the banks, so unfortunately students will not have to go without as planned. At one of the banks acces has only been gained to the inside seemingly by bashing through an internal wall! Obviousely these are big blows to the action, but students will still know that something is up and we have undoubtedly removed more than a preety penny or two from the bankers back pocket!

So far no arrests have been made (keep your fingers crossed) and there was no visable police presence on campus this morning.

This kind of action is v quick cheap and with abit more permentant prop, very effective, so go forth and get sticky!



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