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New Parenting Zine out now!

Breeding Ground | 25.02.2008 13:26

Breeding Ground a new radical parenting zine is out now. With a collection of articles, and cartoons looking at how to take back control of our lives as anarchist parents, by creating support systems outside state institutions, how to collective parent, and how to try and retain your identify your own identity as a politically active individual.

Breeding Ground Zine- a new radical parenting zine is a collection of articles and cartoons written by parents looking at parenting as an anarchist/radical parent. Copies as available from us at

Breeding Ground, C/o Community Base, 113 Queens Road, Brighton.

Please enclose A5 stamp addressed envelope and concealed 50p (if in UK). Outside UK please send concealed £2 (or equivalent Euros). Or contact us by email to arrange paypal or zine swop.

Apologies to those who tried to get copies before- our address is definately up and running now.

Any queries

Breeding Ground
- e-mail: