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Oaxaca: Catalan Four Released Without Charge, No Reason For Incarceration

El Gringo Blanco | 14.08.2007 17:39 | Oaxaca Uprising | Repression | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | London | World

The Catalan Four arrested, beaten, sexually assaulted and threatened were released last night, Monday 13 August 2007.

Ramón, Laia, Adriadna, and Nuría were released from the Mexico DF Immigration Centre last night after their immigration status was confirmed legal.

They will be staging a press conference today in Mexico DF, denouncing the human rights abuses they suffered at the hands of the federal police and immigration authorities.

All four were threatened, beaten across the head and necks, forced into stress positions and the women were sexually assaulted. One male was threatened with being stabbed with a knife. Their property and documents were stolen and when the Spanish Consulate issued new passports they did not arrive.

Following their arrest on election day in Oaxaca state, Sunday 5 August, they faced eight days incarcerated, first in a Oaxaca jail, then they were transfered to an Immigration Detention Centre in the capital city.

This, the latest account of endless abuses, violence and murder, goes to show that nothing has changed for the people in the troubled state of Oaxaca. The government accused of these human rights violations maintains total control of the state via an election that saw nearly 80 percent refusing to cast their vote.

The Catalan Four expressed gratitude to all internationals who supported them while imprisoned.

El Gringo Blanco