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Police van smashed near Parliment, crowd kettled -Student demo

on the run - street news | 24.11.2010 13:42 | Education | Social Struggles

Quick report from outside Parliament- National Student Walk-Out Demo, London

13:32 - Large crowd - Many many thousands of young (and not so-young people), outside Parliament, right now the police have blocked all the people inside a cordon/ 'kettle'. Cops are not letting anyone leave at present. A police van was smashed and attacked when it was stuck in the crowd. The cops are trying to arrest/attack anyone who is masked up, but now it is getting better and the people are more strong. there is a sound-system, dancing, lots of whistles, shouting slogans, good atmosphere.

on the run - street news



24.11.2010 14:47

14:50 - Cops still holding people in kettle, occasionally people get out. really irritating 'peace-police' student types here. Cops seem to have control of situation, but people are pissed off!

on the run - street news


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