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Warwick University Occupied

warwick student | 24.11.2010 13:55 | Education | Free Spaces | Public sector cuts | Birmingham

80 students occupy Warwick university

80 people are currently occupying the conference hall in Warwick art centre, on Warwick University campus

More people, apparently now including union sabbatical officers (belatedly) and supportive lecturers are outside the room being blocked from entering by security. Security are being heavy handed: three guards and one police officer (PC8532) earlier grabbed one student by force and tried to drag him away and arrest him (after others showed solidarity and de-arrested him they said "we will see you later").

Students are determined to hold the space -- we will set up a true "free university" with workshops, talks, films etc. to show them how it's done. We are currently drawing up a full statement. The occupation is entirely non-violent, and we will not obstruct lectures (there are no lectures in the room today but wil be tomorrow) -- but we will not let them take our university off us.

warwick student
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