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Illegal eviction in Cotham

anonymous | 26.08.2010 15:22

Residents of 54 Freemantle road evicted from their home at 1pm
Around 30 people turned out to protest and try to prevent an illegal eviction from a house in Cotham this afternoon. 12 Police cars carrying dogs, mobile CCTV and around 20 police officers attended the eviction. The eviction was forcefully resisted - police officers sprayed with fire hydrants and the door barricaded.

Police cited 'criminal damage' to the property as their excuse to take battering rams to the front door and took over an hour to break into the building. There were two arrests, though other residents seem to have escaped from the police. The residents' possessions remain in the building, with police assurances that they will be returned to anyone who collects them form Bridewell police station.

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