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Oona King gets hold of private details of Labour Party members

londondemocrat | 27.08.2010 00:02 | Anti-militarism | Iraq | World

London newspaper Evening Standard reports [Thursday 26 August 2010] that Oona King, Neil Kinnock's challenge to Ken Livingstone, has got hold of private details of Labour Party members. This should worry even those who despise Ken Livingstone. The availability of Labour Party members' details to Oona King shows that she is being backed by secretive forces. Very worrying.

27 August 2010

The information that worryingaboutlondonpublic has obtained in the past few weeks confirms the story being run by the EVENING STANDARD.

A number of Labour Party members in the Bethnal Green and Bow constituency in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets have been actively backing Oona King.

This in spite of the fact that Oona King is still a source of deep concern in the community for the disrespect she showed when she backed Tony Blair and justified the attack on the people of Iraq.

Oona King clanged the voters just before the May 2005 elections to vote against her if they did not like her role in backing Blair.

The people voted to get rid of her in due course. Now, Tower Hamlets Council is the only London Council which has the longest list of sitting councillors to openly ‘endorse’ Oona King.

Do these councillors have the approval of the voters in Tower Hamlets?

This question will have to be answered in time.

It is thought that a number of these councillors as well as a number of executive committee members of the Tower Hamlets Labour Party are among those who have been releasing internal Labour Party information to Oona King.

London public may remember that in the run up to the 2000 election for the first mayor of London, Oona King was embroiled in an allegation that she had sent out a faked letter against Ken Livingstone [then standing as the main independent candidate against the official Labour Party candidate Frank Dobson who had been politically terminated by Blair's choice to carry the torch].

Then in 2005 Oona King was back in the frame smiling as she posed while strolling in Brick Lane along side Ken Livingstone who was canvassing for her at the May general elections.

Now she is back to the pre 2000 era, relying on improper access to Labour Party offices in her bid to let Londoners down. Worrying.