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FREE ULLA, Prisoner of Peace

Joss | 30.04.2003 10:23

Ulla Roder is on remand after doing over £25 million damage to a Tornado jet at RAF Leuchars. See

Ulla is one of the 'Trident three' who were famously aquitted at Greenock in 1999. She has served many prison sentences for anti_trident actions. However, she could face over 15 years in jail for this action and needs letters of support. Write to her at:

Ulla Roder,
Prisoner of Conscience,
HMP Cornton Vale,
Cornton Rd,


Writing from Prison Ulla said, "Peoples disarmament has started. People are not blind or deaf. nor are we stupid. We dont buy any more of their lies. Its going on now. There is not a week without worldwide protest, civil resistance and direct action."

- Homepage:


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  1. How is Blair gonna wriggle out of this one? — Ludd