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Israel and Palestine: Demo and Counter-Demo

the Mysterons | 06.05.2002 14:26

Trafalgar Square is this afternoon the scene of a demostration for Israel, while a counter-demo is nearby at the gate to the Mall.

So far (aprox 3pm) there have not been any incidents, and
The two demos are being kept apart by police.
On the Israeli side, speakers include Grenville Janner Mp; banners carry slogans like "The land is Gods gift to Jews" and "Christians Stand with Israel". On the way into the sqaure, it was noticeable how many parked coaches had been used to bring the ensemble into London.
On the Palestinian side, flags of the various Arab nations could be seen, together with denunciataions of Sharon and Bush, and a David Star was torn apart; interestingly, they were joined by a group of ultra-orthodox Jews opposed to Israel, (whose presence at first confused the police !)

the Mysterons


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