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Zionists hold pro-Israel rally in London

Justice | 06.05.2002 20:13

The Zionists held a rally in Trafalgar Square today, Monday 6th May, in support of the terrorist state Israel, with a counter demonstration by Muslims, Jews and other decent-minded people.

I was at the counter demo today in Trafalgar Square. The pro-Israeli Zionists, numbering approx. 15,000 held a rally in support of Israel, with speakers including former Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and Labour MP, Peter Mandelson.

There were two counter demonstrations at opposite ends of the square. The one at the Pall Mall corner was predominantly Muslim and numbered 300-400. The other one, on the steps of St. Martin in the Fields, consisted of about a hundred Jews opposed to the Zionist state, as Zionism is opposite to the Jewish faith.

The Zionists were taken aback by the presence of Jews opposed to Israel on the church steps and seemed to be very embarrassed by their presence at the rally.

The numbers of people present at the rally seemed to be doubled by the police and media to 30,000. The central part of the square was filled, only in front of the stage. I went to the pro-Palestine demo last month which had way more than double the number of people today, yet that was said by the police and media to amount to only 15,000 people (more like the 100,000 on Indymedia!). I can't say I am surprised.

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