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Reciprocal Contamination and Reciprocal Assassination

Stringent Edge | 18.11.2012 16:54 | Analysis | Anti-Nuclear | Palestine

War is flaring up in Gaza, and the biggest surprise in it is that it is yet another conventional shooting match in the squeezed territory, while the previous expectation had been a radioactive war with Iran. This seems to be the conflagration of the rudiments of a much bigger storm that, for some reason or another, did not break out. What has so far prevented this radioactive war is the doctrine of reciprocal contamination which in the face of previously unknown cyber attacks tacitly installed itself on the core of the classical theocracies. The capacity to reciprocate contamination released by an attack on enemy territory can deter such attack no matter how the contamination is being achieved.

In conventional war this doctrine is being mirrored by the doctrine of reciprocal assassination. An assassination capacity which targets any individual attempt to shield oneself against it amounts to an attack so broad that it can be reciprocated without any individual targeting. If a state can maintain a military-industrial complex which kills specific individuals in random circumstances, then targeted populations can reciprocate by killing random individuals in specific circumstances. This is yet another instance of a radioactive war doctrine reconfiguring conventional war doctrines under its umbrella. Against total drone rule, such as exposed in the latest "targeted killing", unspecific rocket attacks are a legitimate mirror of its erratic lethality. Such as reciprocal contamination does not require to come from a counterattack against radioactive facilities but can be deliberately inserted, reciprocal assassination does not necessarily require specific targeting to be legitimate and effective. May the people defeat the nukes and drones.

Stringent Edge


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