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Elections – A Shaggy Dog Story

RAKMEENAK | 26.12.2004 05:03 | Repression | London | World

No wonder how the dictators like Fidel Castro, Robert Mugabe and Hosni Mubarak are successful to gain their popularity among their countrymen and let their countries starve for decades.

Everybody in world anticipated that this was going to be the biggest election in the history of America. The campaigning from the both sides was a fair struggle to seek one’s place in the White House. Bush, who was already used to the comforts and the services of the palace, didn’t want to forfeit even an inch of it. On the other side, the frazzled Kerry’s endeavors during presidential debates rejuvenated him and nestled his hopes to snooze in the palace some day, if fortune permitted. The relentless campaigning and media support kept both at equal footing.

This was the time when America had just suffered from recession – an economic depression; the interest rates were lowest in history almost touched the ground level; unemployment rate was worst and employee lay off rate was highest; terrorists’ threats were prevailing and everybody was keeping a watch on the threat level before taking off for the day; the accounting frauds of the corporate giants had had brought their employees on roads and stunned the investors. Needless to say that US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was having peaceful slumbers while it was performing the job of a watchdog; INS was busy in granting the Visas and Green Cards to the terrorists.

Meanwhile America undertook a pledge of spreading freedom and liberty across world.
While the other side of the world was in turmoil, blessed by beasts and surviving among the hands of devils, most of the devils were exonerated depending upon the degree of their scampishness. Some of the scumbags remained unnoticed even their degree of scampishness was unpardonable.

When this entire evil atmosphere was prevailing in the countries across the globe, the future of America was on stake. People’s hopes that elections will change their whole world were impending throughout the election circus.

People debated on improving the election systems, economy, taxes, social security, medical, education, jobs, and war. On every lunch table the presidential debates were debated and at every dinner table, the media was spicing up the food.

November-the-second, when everyone promenaded the streets heading for poll booths, that would decide the rise and fall of the American history, was gripping a pervasive malaise mixed with abandoned hope.

Few hours later, everyone remained glued to TV sets to know what everyone in the country stamped on the fate of America. The exuberance came to a standstill. America was safe. Kerry accepted his defeat for not having the guts to be a good commander-in-chief.

Thanks to the generous Americans that we continue to remain safe in the hands of the person who can safely play hopscotch with terrorists and can provide an impregnable bib against their organizations. A dream of spreading freedom and liberty must go on.
After the King came out with a great local triumph, it was time for co-jugglers and sycophants to virtually nuzzle and congratulate their boss. Who called when must determine the staunching relationship our country will promise to keep. Gerhard Schroder - Chancellor of Germany called after three days, while Jacques Chirac – President of France called after a week. Russian president Putin greetings came next day. British premier - Tony Blair, like other British premiers has always been at beck and call. Chinese premier also reported in time.

Other third world countries don’t count. They just have to worry about the sanctions that the coming president might impose on them. They know nothing more than this.

For some people the election results might have been stunning and preposterous. It is a genuine feeling for them if we see the overall picture. Bush lost from the states like New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Boston, and California. The most common thing in these sates is that people are highly educated in these states. The topmost schools, colleges and universities dwell in these states. Universities like Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, and Yale are the hallmarks of education located in these states.
Doesn’t it sound weird that Bush lost from all these cream states? Who decides the fate of the country?

This is a story of the elections in the great country of the world.

No wonder how the dictators like Fidel Castro, Robert Mugabe and Hosni Mubarak are successful to gain their popularity among their countrymen and let their countries starve for decades.

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