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A Moment of Shame, You Scum (Greece)

s. | 02.04.2010 13:41 | World

Translated from the Greek original circulating on the streets of Athens, by anarchist comrades.

A Moment of Shame, You Scum (Greece)

Translated from the Greek original circulating on the streets of Athens, by anarchist comrades.

Silence, Everyone shut up.

Even if just for a second, shut up.

No more screams and dramatic descriptions of terror from you, the slimy “police editors” that feed off the blood of the victims and the police information.

Shut up.

No more sociological analysis about the everyday rascism and the class contrasts, from you, the filthy rich tv wisemen journalists that sterilely look at life, through the tinted windows of your bulletproof tax stolen 4×4s.

Shut up.

No more lessons of democratic boxing from you, the psycopath, megalomaniac minister of the paragovernment and from you, the oppositionist irresponsible honourers of safety.

Shut up.

No more shows of wretched “colleague solidarity”, for every stupid thing, from you, the professional syndicalists of the amateur police of the tabloid windows.

Shut up.

No more hypocracy, Shut up all of you.

You drown reality and you don’t leave the genuine and real grief for a 15 year old kid that was murdered. Shut up and allow for once the human truth, the scream for loss, to be heard.

In our garbage, the waste of our greedy consumption, which is the reason for the slaughterhouse you call, by agreement, all you petty misanthropes, a “democratic society”, that’s where the dreams of a kid vanished.

Subproducts of the sepsis of the proud “Greek Democracy” are the ones that exploded in his hands, we all more or less have his blood on us, but you drink and enjoy it.

Shut up leeches.

Most, those who don’t have and can’t “hold” themselves, those who are the silent majority were hurt, mad and ashamed, They bowed the head when they heard the news and mourned for a life that didn’t get to live. They were ashamed because they felt the co-responsibility for the society they created.

All of us that see our childrens lives compressed in the meat grinder, let’s make them shut up. All of us that will never segregate the value of the life of 15 year old Alexandros from the one of a 15 year old murdered immigrant, lets make our silence so loud that we make them shut up.

Since they don’t feel shame, they should shut up. All those shameless that dare to sell the pieces of a body, of a 15 year old kid for a bit more money, for another step higher in the climbing struggle with their ego as an opponent.

Lets make them shut up since they cant feel a moment of shame….




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