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Aspire in Leeds - TAZ/Party/Film Festival/Open Mic Night

KT | 18.04.2002 18:07 | Culture | Free Spaces | Social Struggles

Details of upcoming Social Centre/Free Space in Leeds.
Address to be Announced on Friday Evening

Aspire in Leeds - details of upcoming TAZ: Party/Radical Film Festival/Open Mic Night

Press Release From the Aspire Team.


Starting off at noon on Saturday with a vegan café, creative/kids space
healing space. Leading on to the radical film festival at 5pm then the
party starting at 10pm till god knows when. Sunday afternoon will
with a film at 2pm then an open mic session from 5pm.

But that's not all, on Wednesday 24th April we will be opening a long
squat cafe and autonomous zone, more details below.

Party - Sat 20th - 10pm till god knows when
Main Room - Slinky Trance & Psychedelic Electronica (Gecko, Synapse &
Chillout - Synchronistic Sounds & guests feat live PA from Quip
Basement - Roots and Dub (Baby Dangerous Sounds)

Radical Film Fest
Sat 20th - 5pm-10pm
5pm - Operation Solstice - (50 mins)
Shocking expose of police attack on travellers in 1985, heralding an
era of
Thatcherite repression

6.30 - Undercurrents - (60 mins)
This is a compilation of four films:
* Globalisation and The Media
* Revolting in Prague
* Mark Thomas and the Met
* Stop The Crop (anti-gm commentary)

8pm - The Atomic Café - (85mins)
Compiled from US nuclear propaganda films of the 50's & 60's, sometimes
hilarious, sometimes chilling, totally compelling

Sun 21st - 2pm
Dougal and The Blue Cat - The 90 minute feature length Magic Roundabout
A comedown classic!

More details about the films at

Open Mic/Acoustic Night - Sun 21st from 5pm
Perfomers will include the return of Captain Hotknives and his superb
surreal rambling narrative songs, and also a rare live set from
a Leeds band who play gorgeous shimmering acoustic songs.

Everyone welcome to perform, bring instruments, etc.

Creative and Kids Space - Sat 20th - noon-5pm
Creative Fun - All childlike beings welcome
There will be lots to do, make and play with, but it needs you to make
happen! Please bring anything you can space, ie scissors, material,
paintbrushes, egg boxes, cardboard, whatever you have lying around the
place... oh, and most importantly and childlike beings you know!

Then we could be making all sorts like decor for the evening, dream
catchers, costumes, mobiles, paintings, animals, what ever you want.

Children will be supervised if you want to get some healing!

Autonomous Healing Space - Sat 20th - noon-5pm
Come along and take part in activities such as Reki, Tai Chi,
Ecstatic Dance, Crystal Healing and hopefully lots more.

There will be lots of info on healing, herbs, nutrition, psychedelic
drug companies, patents on life...
...or just come and drink some positiviteas.

Ongoing Squat Café and Autonomous Zone - Starting April 24

Daily Vegan Café open 12 noon-3pm for lunch and 6-8pm for dinner.

Timetable for first week
Wed 24th
* Film 'Animal Liberation The Movie'
* Film about life on Death Row

Thur 25th
* Quiz
* Peat workshop with slide show

Fri 26th
* Open Mic Night

Sat 27th
* Bands (to be announced soon, check website)
* Film - Beyond the Screams - A U.S Latino / Chicano Hardcore Punk
Documentary (Martin Sorrondeguy, 30 mins)
Powerful and uplifting, live performances by Los Crudos, Subsistencia,
and Circuits and Kontra Attaque.

Sun 28th
* Film - Anarchy in Spain
* Mayday banner making

Regular Events
Saturdays - Meet for direct action

* Bike repair
* Radical book/record fair
* Vegan Sunday lunch

Tuesdays - Reading group

If you would like to run a workshop, please get in touch:

More details will be going on the website soon

Looking forward to seeing you all soon

The Aspire Team