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Cycling as Part of the Vision for Oxford, meeting Wednesday 6th July

K Tai | 29.06.2005 10:42 | Free Spaces | Health | Technology | Oxford

Cycling as Part of the Vision for Oxford, meeting Wednesday 6th July

Cycling as Part of the Vision for Oxford

Wednesday 6th July

7pm to 9pm

Oxford University Press, Walton Street, Jericho

Introduction: Robert Price : Lord Mayor of Oxford

Keynote: Phillip Darnton : Chair of Cycling England

Chair: Robert Hutchison : Director of Oxford Inspires
Plenary panel:
Patrick Lingwood, National Cycling Strategy Board
Greg Woodford, CTC the national cyclists??? organisation
Simon Pratt, area co-ordinator of Sustrans
Tim Chapman, convenor of Oxfordshire Physical Activity Alliance

This meeting will bring together people who want to enjoy being in Oxford,
with the aim of articulating their vision of what Oxford might look like.
It will focus on cycling not for the sake of cycling (fun though it is) but
because cycling can deliver so many of the things that make a city pleasant
to live in:

People on bicycles are not separate from each other, they can wave at
friends as they pass, stop to chat without causing traffic jams;

Bicycles are clean, quiet and suited to narrow city streets;

Bicycles provide personal freedom of travel regardless of age or
income, and without infringing on that same freedom for others due to

Parking for bicycles needs little space compared to cars and buses,
and could be a part of creative urban design;

Cycling delivers exceptional benefits to health as an integral part of
our daily routines.

Oxford is a cycling city : it's compact, leafy and mostly flat, with ahistory of cycling across its social spectrum. With a new council in
office, a new local transport plan in consultation and a new programme of
events looking at the 'Evolving City' now is the time to paint a picture ofan Oxford planned for people and to call for the leadership to implement

K Tai