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anarchist bookfair ends in police riot

rikki | 22.10.2005 19:28 | Repression | London

police, wired up for an arsenal match, closed holloway road and provoked trouble after anarchist bookfair in north london this evening

first arrest
first arrest

arrest in holloway road
arrest in holloway road

wired riot cop
wired riot cop

cops infront of the pub
cops infront of the pub

unprovoked arrest
unprovoked arrest

riot police advancing
riot police advancing

man on crutches being pushed
man on crutches being pushed

the bookfair at the resource centre today was extremely well-attended, and a very positive and optimistic coming together of many types of people concerned by the way our authoritarian society is developing. the day ended in a fitting but terrifying and wholly unnecessary practical demonstration of our violent police state.

when the event ended at six o clock, many of the participants went to the local 'coronet' pub for a drink. the large space was packed. a small group switched on a sound system for some entertainment, and the pub manager reacted astonishingly by closing the bars, refusing to serve anyone in the pub and calling the police.

as arsenal had finished playing nearby, there were a lot of very wired police on duty who turned up en masse as people were leaving the pub.

after a small altercation in the road, riot police started pushing and shoving people indiscriminately, as well as kicking and punching.

the road was completely closed off to southbound traffic for more than 40 minutes causing huge disruption in the area.

there were at the very least 4 arrests. i witnessed one completely unprovoked arrest. one woman got pushed over by advancing riot police and broke her ankle. i also witnessed one man on crutches being violently pushed by riot police.

from a small incident, police completely escalated the situation into a major incident and caused injury and made spurious and dubious arrests.



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