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URGENT: Evidence needed for arrests after Anarchist Bookfair

imc london (legal support) | 23.10.2005 16:02 | Indymedia | Repression | London

7 people, including an indymedia journalist, were arrested yesterday after the anarchist bookfair. Evidence is urgently needed.

London, Oct 22. We urgently need evidence for the arrests made after the anarchist bookfair in front of the Coronet pub. Seven people, including one indymedia journalist, are still in the police station at the time of writing, Oct 23, 5.20pm. If you have witnessed any of the arrests, before, during or after, please write down a detailed eyewitness statement of what you saw as soon as possible, date it and sign it, and send us a typed-up version via email. Photos, video or audio would be very useful. Please inform us about any footage you might have or send statements asap to the following, private email adress:


imc london (legal support)