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Talkin 'bout a Revolution

From the streets. | 24.11.2001 23:21

Are most anarchists middle class students, who have always had the good-life on tap?
It seems so?

Is the stereotypical view that most anarchists in Britain are usually middle class students that have had everything already and want something to rebel against, because most of them I’ve talked to don’t really seem to have a clue where real ‘city life’ is concerned. Maybe they’ve not seen the reality of it. Maybe they’ve not seen a place where kids have parents that don’t care and all they’ve got in life is their ‘weed’ and their ‘reputation’ and have to find a way to get that extra ‘fiver’. A place where the weekend is the climax…..not just of the week, but life. A place where you see needles scattered across the streets and clues of theft all around. A place where there is no green open space which is green, just a concrete jungle full of rows of houses, with dark dirty streets. Drunks lying on the floor, and piss riddled alleyways. Burnt out cars nearly every night. Broken glass all over the place. Girls having children when they’re not even at an age to look after themselves. These people don’t care about any ‘revolution’. They just try to get on the best they can.
And even if they did care, Their idea of a revolution is being somewhere else.
This is the reality.
These are the foundations of Britain.
Try explaining it all to these people.

From the streets.


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