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British investigative magazine blows MI5 apart

David Pegg | 16.11.2003 21:47 | London | World

British investigative magazine Notes from the Borderland has for the first time exposed the career path of new MI5 head Eliza Manningham-Buller and shown both her Royal connections and links to recent Royal scandals

Notes from the Borderland Issue Five is the usualappetising molotov of scandal and intrigue, rigorously researched. Certainly not bland unreferenced media-ocrity like THe Guardian/Observer product. We expose MI5 Director-General EMB's Royal connections.These are fundamental to Prince charles' current problems : allegations of gay rape in the Household, controversies concerning Fawcett and Burrell. After examining Diana's death, we turn to the fateand content of her electrifying video diaries.

Max Burns chronicles a disinformation campaign against him in ufology. We forensically dissect the BBC2 series True Spies revealing secret state activity within the left/labour movement, anti-roads and animal rights groups. We also cover in detail the 2002 Wombles trial, and updates include SB and MI5 connivance in Nazi Copeland's 1999 nail-bombings, and we take a close look at Donal Macintrye, David Shayler, and the British National Party.

Not for Guardianistas or those lacking an attention span - NFB not MTV! A joy to some, a nightmare to others...

For your issue please send cheques payable to "Larry O'Hara" for £3.50 or USD dollar bills 10.00 to Dept P, Notes from the Borderland, BM 4769, London WC1N 3XX.

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